January 26, 2011

Foto Profile Artis Indonesia Laudya Chintya Bella ( Bella )

Laudya Chintya Bella Profile :

Full Name: Laudya Chintya Bella
Nick Name: Bella
Place, Date of Birth: Jakarta, February 24, 1988
Zodiac: Pisces
Hobbies: Daydreaming, Hanging, Watch,
Favorite Book: Harry potter, lord of the ring
Favorite movies: Not Ordinary Stars, all the movies I like.
Favorite TV Show: Supersoulmate, Ceriwis, PrimeTime, Love Interest

Achievement / Awards

* Winner of Favorite Princess Java 2003
* My friends 2 Model 2002 Champion
* Princess Bobo 1997 Finalists
* 1st Place 2001 Golden Princess Tiara
* FFI 2005 Best Actress Nomination
* Actress Praised Bandung Film Festival (FFB) 2005
* Star Shine MTV Movie Award 2005

Laudya Chintya Bella Pictures Collections :
Laudya Chintya Bella

Laudya Chintya Bella

Laudya Chintya Bella

Laudya Chintya Bella

Laudya Chintya Bella Biography :

Laudya Chintya Bella was born in Bandung, February 24, 1988. Laudya Chintya Bellabegan her career as a model and commercial star, before dabbling in acting. Bella has selected as a finalist my friend magazine in 2002, but her name became known when the movie plays as Biyan VIRGIN.

Through VIRGIN film of this reason, Laudya Chintya Bella who studied acting from Eka D. Sitorus, nanny Sakti Acting School in Jakarta, was chosen as one of the major artists nominated for best female Indonesian Film Festival (FFI). Laudya Chintya Bella was also named as an actress Praised at Bandung Film Festival (FFB) 2004.

Laudya Chintya Bella who has starred in the movie Cinta Remaja, Lentera Merah andBukan Bintang Biasa. And through soap operas jengkol Squire, Laudya Chintya Bellasucceed as an actress of the top version of SCTV Awards 2006.

For romance, Laudya Chintya Bella recorded ever establish love with Rivaldo, Rafi Ahmad and grandson of President Suharto, Panji Trihatmodjo. And now this Pacarku Superstar soap opera actor was in a relationship with racer Ananda Mikola.

Remove from Ananda, Laudya Chintya Bella looks not holding anyone. She is more focused on his career. One of them went on a successful soap opera Cinta Bunga, Flowers returned to the show at LOVE INTEREST 2. Reportedly there love the location between Flowers and his co-star, Chico Jericho. 

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Foto Hot Model Bella Luna Sexy in Dark

Bella Luna

Bella Luna

Bella Luna

Bella Luna

Bella Luna

The smooth white curvy is indeed a mysterious smile. Whether teasing, or just the opposite. But that's where the challenge. Her smile was offered a million meanings. As a result, the smile that comes out of the tiny lips indeed arouse curiosity to reveal the meaning behind it.

Her mournful eyes are often called 'Japanese girl' among his friends. "Yeah especially when dressed up a la Harajuku so. Short skirt, hair tied in two braids, it looks so cute but still sexy, "she explained. Although often mistaken for Japanese descent girl, but about movies, the girl has a 165 cm high is more like Korean movies. "Romantic, funny and sometimes touching really, would love it," said Bella Luna.

Demeanor, who liked to tell stories, crowded, making pleasant conversation. When asked about her sexual experience, almost waist-haired girl was just laughing mischievously. "Mmmm ... can not say yes?" She joked. Inversely with the previous conversation, this one about himself a bit to close down. "Obviously I was saying good French kiss. Never kiss up to 15 minutes without a break. My boyfriend get to panting out of breath .. hehehehe. 'indulgence French kiss it because she felt to be very intimate with their partner. "We could have hugged, stroked, and stared at each other. It was very close. " 

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Foto Seksi Bella Luna Model Hot Majalah Popular

Had a dream of making love with adorable Japanese girl sexy? Bella Luna strong French kiss 15 minutes non-stop will make you dream tonight.
Shy impression when you first met soon faded really know her more deeply. Tried independently in a relatively young age, making his personality more mature than her age. Many of the stories flowed from the lips of sexy, ranging from a possessive ex-boyfriend to fierce French kiss a la Bella Luna.

String of words came out of her tiny lips as if to a magnet for the opposite sex. Sex appeal girl is really obvious. Gleaming eyes of so fused with his body proportions. Meanwhile, the scent of her favorite perfume Estee Lauder as a sense of smell so fragrant greet those around them.

Bella Luna

Bella Luna

Bella Luna is a person who loves to be photographed. "But these new times got an offer to pose in men's magazines. It turns out my picture section as well. I still enjoy, love the challenge. I learned so much, "she said as she chuckled.

According to her, did not have to look sexy and open-aperture. "If the woman is sexy, do not have to go to the opening. Section can be viewed from all sides, "she said. So, what always made her feel sexy? "My lips! Many say that my lips are sexy, "she said bluntly.

Bella Luna

Bella Luna

Bella Luna

Obsessive Boy
Become every man's ideal woman was not always fun. Especially when a relationship is interrupted halfway. "On average they then become very possessive. Edges excessive jealousy. If it is so sure it's just angry and eventually we broke up, "said Bella Luna as she sighed. It did not get there, the former was later to be obsessive. "If it were so, she admitted himself so troublesome .."

Apart from an obsessive ex, Bella Luna confessed her love to enjoy life. "Everything I brought with fun. Who do not want to stress because of a boyfriend. There are still many fish in the ocean, "she added as she laughed heartily.

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Foto Artis Indonesia: Foto Seksi Artis Bella Nasyahab 'Sexy Big Breast'

Bella NasyahabBella NasyahabBella NasyahabBella NasyahabBella Nasyahab

ella Nasyahab Ready to Show Consistent Sexy

Jakarta In the movie 'Poll' aka 'Pocong Keliling', Bella Nasyahab brave diving topless scene. The 22-year-old Dara had consistently promised to look sexy. Like what the figure of Bella Nasyahab? Let's talk with Bella Nasyahab.

On Monday, Bella Nasyahab was doing interviews and photo shoots in the studio in the region Warung Buncit, Jakarta. Women born in Bogor on June 11, 1988 was kindly answered all questions asked.

Like what your role in 'Pocong Keliling'?

In this film, I acted as Angel who had just married at Romi. They were newlyweds, but each would split the same pocong duren always disturbed.

You do exciting scenes in this movie?

Now standard really sell the film scenes like that (vulgar scenes.) Hell I think it's perfectly natural. In this film I also have the same topless scenes ML. She took her from behind, but it's just a camera trick.

What parents do you know you look sexy in this movie?

My parents does not matter. I said to them, but not as detailed as that.

Before the 'Poll', you're also quite vulgar in the '18 + '. Are you going to look like this in the movies next?

Many say as a stepping stone, would not want to have to look sexy. But I do not want like that. I will continue to maintain a sexy imejku. I do not want to change my image. I do not want hypocritical.

You want to be consistent with the image section. So, you really feel sexy?

People say I'm sexy. I really do not confident. 

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