January 19, 2011

Foto Artis Indonesia: Foto Seksi Artis Bella Nasyahab 'Sexy Big Breast'

Foto Artis Indonesia: Foto Seksi Artis Bella Nasyahab 'Sexy Big Breast':

Bella Nasyahab Ready to Show Consistent Sexy

Jakarta In the movie 'Poll' aka 'Pocong Keliling', Bella Nasyahab brave diving topless scene. The 22-year-old Dara had consistently promised to look sexy. Like what the figure of Bella Nasyahab? Let's talk with Bella Nasyahab.

On Monday, Bella Nasyahab was doing interviews and photo shoots in the studio in the region Warung Buncit, Jakarta. Women born in Bogor on June 11, 1988 was kindly answered all questions asked.

Like what your role in 'Pocong Keliling'?

In this film, I acted as Angel who had just married at Romi. They were newlyweds, but each would split the same pocong duren always disturbed.

You do exciting scenes in this movie?

Now standard really sell the film scenes like that (vulgar scenes.) Hell I think it's perfectly natural. In this film I also have the same topless scenes ML. She took her from behind, but it's just a camera trick.

What parents do you know you look sexy in this movie?

My parents does not matter. I said to them, but not as detailed as that.

Before the 'Poll', you're also quite vulgar in the '18 + '. Are you going to look like this in the movies next?

Many say as a stepping stone, would not want to have to look sexy. But I do not want like that. I will continue to maintain a sexy imejku. I do not want to change my image. I do not want hypocritical.

You want to be consistent with the image section. So, you really feel sexy?

People say I'm sexy. I really do not confident.

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